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Agilent Technologies is an American manufacturer of measuring equipment, electronic medical equipment and equipment for chemical analysis.

Agilent has a central development and research group, Agilent Laboratories, which conducts research in areas such as MEMS, nanotechnology, biochemistry.

Agilent's main product lines include:

products for measurement and testing in electronics, such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, atomic power microscopes (AFM), automatic optical and X-ray inspection systems, in-circuit analyzers and electronic CADs (EDA).
Products for biochemical and chemical analysis, such as DNA microarrays, liquid and gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, NMR spectrometers, molecular and atomic spectrometers, etc.
products for diagnostics and genomics, for immunohistochemical studies, for studying hybridization in tissues, staining with hematoxylene and eosin, special staining methods, detecting DNA mutations, genotyping, determining the number of gene copies, determining chromosomal rearrangements and DNA methylation and quantitative analysis of gene expression as well as based gel electrophoresis automatic sample analysis systems.

To order, call + 7 (812) 490 76 28 or leave a request. Our managers will contact you with in 20 minutes.


  • Organization of cargo delivery according to optimal transport and logistics schemes, including "door-to-door" delivery
  • Development of individual logistics solutions specifically for your cargo
  • Organization of transportation of dangerous goods
  • The organization of transportation of goods requiring temperature control
  • An integrated approach to the organization of delivery - the search for the optimal mode of transport, transportation route
  • The whole range of customs clearance services in the country of departure and the country of receipt
  • Cargo insurance, including multimodal transportation
  • Certification
  • Full legal support of foreign economic operations
  • Many years of experience

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