Oil and gas

«NEVATORG» company supplies chemical reagents for drilling fluids and equipment for oil production, c. including for multistage hydraulic fracturing (MFR).

The introduction of our technology does not require changes or the use of new equipment to complete and attract new contractors. Enough existing equipment and technological experience of the customer.
We offer the manufacture of balls and saddles for MGRP strictly according to the standard sizes, taking into account the time and environment of dissolution, according to the requirements of the customer.

The technology of using soluble equipment reduces the time required to develop each well and speeds up the introduction of wells into production, eliminating excessive drilling and blasting costs. Due to the use of the technology of soluble equipment, the stage of drilling, which was previously required when performing the multi-stage hydraulic fracturing using the usual technology, is excluded.

NEVATORG also supplies a wide range of anti-knock and octane additives.

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