Synthesis to order

The ' NEVATORG' company carries out multi-stage custom synthesis of organic substances and active pharmaceutical substances on a contract basis. All products supplied by us have the necessary certificates, licenses and other documents. Custom synthesis is carried out with the possibility of its registration. 

We perform custom synthesis using modern high-tech laboratory and production equipment, as well as high-purity chemical reagents. As part of its technological capabilities, we take into account all the requirements of the client to obtain the highest quality products. Achievements of this result became possible due to a combination of different criteria:

Attracting highly qualified staff. In our laboratories and in production, only graduates with higher education in various fields of chemistry are involved, including candidates of chemical sciences. Our employees conduct ongoing training, attend seminars and conferences, which allows them to master new directions of organic synthesis and carry out chemical processes of a high level of complexity.

The growth of productive capacity. At our production sites, equipment is constantly rotated and replaced with more modern and efficient installations. Thus, we can constantly keep the cost of the final product at an affordable level.

Source materials and chemicals. The presence of a large warehouse of raw materials allows you to quickly synthesize a wide range of diverse compounds on an industrial (low-tonnage) scale.

Quality control. Our products, even when mass-produced, are of laboratory quality. This is ensured by the use of various methods of analysis of the final substance, as well as the control of the raw materials and reagents used.